PSPad as a simple IDE

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First of all, I like Eclipse and visual studio, but I fin both IDE's to be heavy duty environments. I would probably not install them on other peoples pc. So what do you do if you want to update your website, edit some python, php, or c++ file, and are located at your parents or best friends house, stuck with their computer running windows?

I install PsPad Typically from this installer: PSPad, and the required python, php or c compiler. In this way I do a minimum of damage to their systems, and I get the most basic features required.

Setting up the interpreter

Typically I want to run a script with an interpreter, (and thus avoid installing compilers), the interpreter could be python, Cint, PhP or similar..

  • First install the interpreter of your choice, and check how the commandline version takes arguments for interpreting a script.
  • in pspad open the menu Settings :: Highlighters settings :: LANGUAGE :: Compiler
  • For setting up python: Settings :: Highlighters settings :: Python :: Compiler
    • C:\Python27\python.exe or whereever you installed it
    • parameters: "%File%" (remember double quotes)
    • [x] Capture program output window
    • log parser: *file %F *line %L*
  • For setting up C++/C interpreter: Settings :: Highlighters settings :: C/C++ :: Compiler
    • c:\program files \cint-5.16.19\cint.exe
    • parameters: "%File% -p" (remember double quotes)
    • [x] Capture program output window
    • log parser: *file %F *line %L*